Covering All the Bases for a Smooth Product Launch

Coming up with a brand new product is not easy. It takes imagination, dedication and lots of hard work. And as any inventor will tell you, getting the product to market is no picnic either – well, unless you let Horizons Companies do the heavy lifting!

For Cyantific Skin Care, we built a web site, populated it with video and product photography…and then constructed  a back end designed to smoothly handle the anticipated online sales and fulfillment. Configuring the eCommerce for Cyantific involved a combination of three discrete programs, each addressing a unique aspect of the buyer experience. One program handles the shopping cart, a second communicates the sales directly into QuickBooks, and a third program provides a robust platform to manage all of the shipping considerations. This one-two-three punch offers an ease of use that gives Cyantific the freedom to do what it does best – develop all-natural, incredibly effective lotions and elixirs to protect, refresh and rejuvenate  its users’ skin.

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